Thursday, March 15, 2012

THIS IS AN OLD POST-There's new digi's today!

THIS IS AN OLD POST-I haven't posted since March.

Well, I must admit that I failed to get any cards done for this digi release for Clear Dollar Stamps.   My excuse:  Everyone in the house got pinkeye, starting with my daughter on Feb 22, then my son Feb 29, then me on March 8 and then my husband the next day.  I just didn't want to go up to my craft room and touch things up there and then risk that I left pinkeye up there for someone (namely me!) to just get it again later.  That is a pitiful reason for not getting up there, I know, but that is it.  I never thought I would get it, because I am one of those clean-o freak-o's and wash everything... twice just to be sure sometimes.  I read somewhere that the entire household needs to be pinkeye free for 2 full weeks after the last person's redness went away, in order to be sure that it is gone, so I have wanted to steer clear of my craft area until then.  I know, I know, I'm a total weird-o clean freak that thinks a germ is waiting for me around every corner, LOL.

BUT The whole team came up with some wonderfully creative ideas using all the new digi images, I sure hope you can go around to their blogs to check them all out, and of course checkout the CDS shop too, as it has some photo collages of some of those projects.

Jerusha Borden - Digital Team Coordinator
Barb Gmitro Best
Candy Fosta
Cassie Trask
Deanne Kay
Dee Dee Anderson
Jennifer Dunn
Kathy Dunnegan
Linda Anderson
Lisa Lara
Sandy Domelle
Sarah Taylor
Stephanie Wright
Tameko Mays
Trudy Sjolander

Thanks for stopping in and again, I am so sorry for not making something to post for you today!   May you be blessed by a hand made card, and bless someone else with a hand made card today!


Zhenya and Nika Aksutin said...

Oh, my dear!!!! We will pray for all of you! I hope all will good soon! Love, Nika

Pat (mspfd) said...

Oh no Laurie! I had no idea that you and everyone in the family came down with pinkeye. So sorry. Hope you and everyone are better by now.

Linda Wescott said...

Hope you all over pink eye soon. I'm new to your digi's, I've just been a bought a few and wanted to say what a happy experience it was. Your site is so very user friendly. I'm also delighted with how generous your digi packages are. I thought I'd pop over here and follow you for the inspiration. Thanks and hugs. Lin

Little C's Creations said...

Yikes!! Pink eye... not fun!!! I'm new on the team, Laurie... so looking forward in seeing your future creations. Praying over your household for quick healing!! God bless you and your family!!

Lisa Lara said...

I remember those days. Ick. Not fun..especially having to give the drops to young children. I hated that. Sorry Laurie. I just love your digis you did the final touches on and beautiful coloring.