Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine projects and gifts

I've been pretty busy with Valentine's and teacher gifts this past week.  It's been fun to get a little crafty and I hope to do more in the upcoming weeks/months as I do some refocusing on priorities and back off on new digital products.

Here's what I made for the kids to pass out at school. I kept these pretty simple as most kids will just plunder the packaging into the trash can.  I used the 1x8 cellophane bags from Stampin' Up. And the Monkey Peeps. The background digi paper is from the Little Boy Valentines.

My daughter decorated her shoe box that will collect all her Valentine's. I wrapped it with the paper and she added all the stickers and bling.

Teacher Valentine cards using Monkey Barrel and Monkey Peeps. 3 cards the same, the center one is showing the inside.

And for the teachers, along with the cards above, I made some keychain and magnet sets.  I packaged some chocolates and a small trinket gift box with keychain and magnet sets in a cellophane bag and dropped that into cute little tin buckets from Target.

I needed a special way to package the keychain and magnet sets, so I designed up a box template and SVG file and it will be released On Feb 17 next Tuesday at Doodle Pantry, but below is a sneaky peek of all 3 box window opening styles!

Below using Black Eyed Susan and New Butterfly
 Below using What a Hoot
 Below with photos of bluebonnets that I printed out.  I'm addited to bluebonnets!

For the keychain and magnet sets, all the supplies and directions (minus the digital art) on how to put them together can be found at Sun and Moon Crafts.  I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!    I have a lot of their glass pieces, glass glaze, eco magnets and keychain or other setting supplies on hand for when I need to create someone a special gift quick. And people LOVE to get a cool glass magnet or keychain specially made for them. And the best part is that you can put any digi, photo, or even dried flowers behind these glass pieces to make it personalized.

For the teacher aides in the Kindergarten class, I made them a trinket box (and matching cards that I already sealed into envelopes before taking pictures, oops) trinket box from the same template above and put chocolates in there instead. The left box is using Feathery Friends and the right box is using Aussie Critters.
So, wow, that is all I have been up to the last couple weeks.... and now for the next 11 days, I am working on making 75 Overalls Favor boxes, and a Baby Name Banner, as well as a magnet and zipper pull set for the mom-to-be.... busy, but I am having fun getting back to crafty mojo!  I'll be back to share those projects soon!
After the baby shower projects, I'll be getting the Card Ministry Box for the church finished up and filled with cards for church member encouragement.

Until then, may you be safe and blessed and can bless others with your own crafty inspiration.
Many hugs!


Heather said...

I'm so glad you're crafting again because you have the best, most beautiful ideas and designs. The key chain/magnet sets are gorgeous. I may CASE this for a class at the retirement center. I think the ladies would love it. Welcome back to crafting!!

Pat (mspfd) said...

I'm so glad I stopped by. I didn't realize you have been posting your creations again. Fabulous ideas, Laurie!